Ion One Stroke Perpetual Heat Flat Iron

One Stroke Perpetual Heat Flat Iron

  • Tourmaline and Japanese Ionic-Ceramic minerals
  • No hot or cold spots for perfect glide
  • Fast heat up in just 45 seconds
  • Digital temperature readout
  • Straightens hair in one stroke
  • Minimizes heat damage
No more excessive heat damage! The Ion One Stroke Perpetual Heat Flat Iron straightens hair in just one stroke without excessive, damaging heat. Hair stylists are often disappointed with the performance of today's hair straighteners due to slow heat-up, inaccurate and unstable temperature control and lagging recovery time, which means they have to go over and over the same piece of hair. Traditionally irons are designed with a very high damaging and unhealthy starting temperature so that as the iron is stroked through the hair it is still relatively hot at the bottom. By the time the stylist starts the second stroke he iron has not regained its original temperature, In fact the longer the iron is used the lower the operating temperature becomes as it never recovers the same amount of heat it loses. This means time consuming multiple strokes over the same piece of hair to get it straightened. It also means hot and cold spots on the plates so that some of the hair glides through the plates while other hair grabs and pulls. The Ion One Stroke Perpetual Heat Flat Iron is powered by TSC - Temperature Sensor Circuit, a revolutionary new, electronic heat sensor technology that reaches operating temperature in just 45 seconds and generates phenomenal and accurate heat stability with an unmatched heat recover time of only 6-8 seconds which virtually means a constant operating temperature with minimal drop off from roots to ends. With tri-layer heaters, TSC sensor circuits are embedded directly into the layers and read real time temperature across the entire surface of the plate. As the heat from the plates is transferred to the hair for straightening, the TSC sensors simultaneously trigger more power to the plates to recover optimum temperature to the entire plate surface in just 6-8 seconds.

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