Artland Iris 4-pc. Double Old-Fashioned Glass Set

Iris 4-pc. Double Old-Fashioned Glass Set

Amber Citrine Clear Cobalt Light Blue Light Green Plum Ruby Sage Slate Blue Turquoise
4 PC
$33.99 $39.99
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Impress your guests with these Artland Iris double old-fashioned glasses. With a free-flowing bubble design, each glass has its own unique touch. For entertaining or everyday use, you'll love having this exciting Artland glassware on hand.
  • Mouth-blown glass construction creates a true artisan look and feel.
  • Details:
  • Set includes four 14-oz. double old-fashioned glasses
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Model numbers:
  • Light blue: 50708B
  • Cobalt: 50208B
  • Amber: 50408B
  • Sage: 50958B
  • Ruby: 50608B
  • Clear: 50108B
  • Light green: 50808B
  • Citrine: 50928B
  • Turquoise: 50508B
  • Slate blue: 50948B
  • Plum: 50938B

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