Acorn Men's Tech Travel II Moccasin

Men's Tech Travel II Moccasin

9-10 D(M) US 10.5-11.5 D(M) US 12-13 D(M) US
$33.40–45 $45
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Whether relaxing in your hotel on a business trip or protecting your toes from jungle dangers, the Acorn Mens Travel Moc II Slippers will wrap your feet in lightweight comfort you can take anywhere. These simple black moccasins come with a special travel pouch and pack tightly so they don't take up much room in your suitcase. The soft shell, rip-stop uppers are water-repellent and breathable to provide cozy comfort you can enjoy even in warm climates. The soft microfleece lining wicks away moisture and the comfort cushion insole pads each step from heel to toe. The textured microsuede outsole is soft, flexible, and durable - just what you'd expect in a slipper designed to walk the earth. These slippers are even registered with the International Vegan Society, meaning they are made without any animal by-products or animal testing. Men's Sizing: Small = 7.5-8.5 Medium = 9-10 Large = 10.5-11.5 X-Large = 12-13 About Acorn Acorn was founded in 1976 by David Quinn, creator of the original Slipper Sock. The Slipper Sock, one of Acorn's earliest products, was based on Quinn's memories of ski vacations as a child and the old-fashioned slippers they wore in the cabins. Since those days, the Acorn company has become known for indoor and outdoor footwear that's as technologically advanced as it is soothing and cozy. Since its humble beginnings, Acorn has held strong to Quinn's original goal: to provide comfort to the world, one pair of feet at a time. Their commitment to comfort and satisfaction has led them through a wide array of designs and wonderful choices for consumers who care about the state of their feet ... and those of their loved ones. Cozy moccasin in black. Available in mens sizes S-XL. Registered vegan slippers. Textured microsuede outsole. Soft shell breathable uppers. Microfleece lining wicks moisture. Heel-to-toe cushion insole for total comfort. Includes travel pouch for easy packing. Machine wash and dry.

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