Acorn Men's Polar Moc

Men's Polar Moc

Nordic Black Mission Brown Charcoal Black Navy Woodblock
L / 10.5-11.5 D(M) US M / 9-10 D(M) US S / 7.5-8.5 D(M) US XL / 12-13 D(M) US 7.5-8.5 D(M) US 9-10 D(M) US 10.5-11.5 D(M) US 12-13 D(M) US 14-15 D(M) US
Cozy up in the optimal warmth and extreme comfort of Acorn's Polar Moc slipper. The fleece upper and full linings offer unbeatable insulation, while the specialized insole features supportive padding and the rubber outsole can endure light outdoor wear.

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